About Me

“Keep calm and let the Argentinian guy handle it…”

There are multiple versions of me: The professional, the friend, the family member. These versions have so many details, it would be impossible for me to describe it here.

The Professional

Professionally, I have spent most of my career in the professional services space. Having started as a semi-senior Java Developer at a consulting firm, I grew into an enabler, a specialist, a full-stack engineer, a technical support engineer, a Senior Architect, and finally, a Leader.

I graduated as an “Information Systems Engineer” from UTN in Argentina, but my educational background is very diverse.

You can read all about my professional self on LinkedIn.

The Human Being

Over the years in my life, I have picked up a diversity of hobbies and activities, some more successfully than others, and I start with them because that’s who I am: A restless soul thirsty of knowledge and skill.

I am a reader before I learned how to read, my parents told me I used to memorize the bedtime stories and then pretend I was reading, with such accuracy other adults thought I actually knew how to read.

I’m a polyglot: I communicate in Spanish, English, Java, C++, Lua, Guitar, Drums, Body Language, amongst many other languages.

I’m a photographer: nothing goes into my mouth before being photographed. Just in case I die of food poisoning. I also occasionally like to photograph landscapes and people.

I’m a bread baker and home-cook: Baking bread is one of my biggest passions, and as I get more into the health journey, I’ve become more and more acquainted with general cooking.

I’m crafty: I knit hats and socks, I repair gear, I build things with different materials and tools.

I’m an outdoorsy person and traveler: from rolling on a bike to walking icy mountains in crampons, from Patagonia to the Himalayas, all over the place.

All of these come together into this blog, that is for me, but also for everyone who enjoys the content and finds it useful.

I hope you enjoy the content!