Over time I had the chance to work side by side with many professionals in various capacities. Here is what some have to say after we’ve worked together.

Juan was very instrumental in hiring and helping me in achieving my goals. During my tenure with Juan as a Manager, I found him very encouraging and inspiring with his vast experience and knowledge.

Abdul Mohammed – Technical Architect, Salesforce

Juan is amazing. He offered me a free coaching session after recently being laid off. Initially shocked by the layoff, Juan gave me a hopeful perspective that helped me and inspired me to increase my knowledge in other technologies to help build and diversify my skillsets. I’m looking forward to our next sessions. Whitney recommends […]

Whitney Akinola – Senior Technical Curriculum Developer

Juan has been a great resource as we’ve honed the tech and strategy for our language-learning app, Squidgies. He’s got a wide background in technology and can go from deep technical details to high-level strategy.

Dan Diephouse – Founder, Squidgies

Juan has been a great mentor, professionally and personally. He has helped me grow my career by providing direction and support to choose the right projects and grow in skills /knowledge to get promoted and advance to the next level. He is a seasoned Bay Area techie with vast knowledge of various topics, including technology, […]

Fatima M. (She/Her) – Technical Architect, SalesForce

Juan and I have worked together on and off for ten years. Always I have found him to combine his sharp intellect and wide and deep experience with a keen curiosity that allows him to engage with me, my problems and my ideas in an attitude of openness to discovery. This, in my mind, is […]

Nial Darbey – CTO / Founder, Summersolt

After 20 years of working at the same place, I started looking at other options. The only problem was that I realized that knowing only one company for 20 years, I was completely out of the job searching groove, not confident at all, not able to start the interview process and also I was not […]

Evelin K. (She/Her) – University Of Washington

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