Fatima M. (She/Her) – Technical Architect, SalesForce

Juan has been a great mentor, professionally and personally. He has helped me grow my career by providing direction and support to choose the right projects and grow in skills /knowledge to get promoted and advance to the next level. He is a seasoned Bay Area techie with vast knowledge of various topics, including technology, AI, psychology, human dynamics, philosophy, trekking, investing, and cooking. My favorite is his cooking blog posts that inspired me to cook fresh meals and have new meal ideas every day. Juan has taken this a step further and built an AI-powered app to generate more recipes. His ability to combine his passion for learning /cooking/leading a healthy lifestyle with technology always amazes me. I have learned much from him and would recommend him as a great mentor to anyone who is willing to learn from him. In addition to all of this, he is a good human and cares for the people around him, making him a good friend for life.

Fatima Recommends Juan’s Services For:

Age 25-34 Folks like me still figuring out life. I’ve always said you need to write a book called “The Guide to Single Life “.There are not many good examples of people like you out there.

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