Nial Darbey – CTO / Founder, Summersolt

Juan and I have worked together on and off for ten years. Always I have found him to combine his sharp intellect and wide and deep experience with a keen curiosity that allows him to engage with me, my problems and my ideas in an attitude of openness to discovery. This, in my mind, is a necessary ingredient to achieving a two-way flow of ideas and creative conversation, which is at the heart of good consultancy. Most recently, I reached out to Juan to request his collaboration with me on an exciting and ambitious (and scary) endeavor that is my new digital Startup. His response was his usual one – extremely generous. His attitude in our work together is consistent. He willingly tackles both the low-level and tedious part of our development efforts as well as the business-oriented strategies. I consider Juan to be a valuable friend and thought partner, and this new business of mine is benefiting tremendously from his consultancy.

Nial Recommends Juan’s Services For:

Anyone needing advice in the technical, architectural, and business areas or even someone merely needing to have a critique of their own ideas will find in Juan a great listener and knowledgeable consultant. I would even venture to add that, given his affable personality, anyone who is looking for career guidance or needing advice in the personal sphere will be far from disappointed!