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My Attitude Toward the Pandemic

Today I had a growth moment. I was driving to the farmers market over at Ballard, and suddenly the lightbulb in my head turned on. With this post, I intend to be vulnerable and open my feelings to people who… Continue Reading →

Absente (Outre-mer)

Absente is a song by Bajofondo that lives in their album ‘Aura’ published in 2019. I don’t normally post lyrics of songs in my blog, but this one can’t be found anywhere. I believe it’s because the original version of… Continue Reading →

And Thus I Leave the Bay, For Now

More than four years have passed since I arrived here. The person who came here is entirely different from the person I am today, and thus it’s time for a change. Quoting Nietzsche as always, “like a bee that has… Continue Reading →

Behavior, Ethics, and Forgiveness

Many who know me today wouldn’t believe that not more than a year ago, I was a rather dark fellow. My life included a fair share of drinking, eating, and other emotional ways of intoxication, all without reason. By chance,… Continue Reading →

Intelligence and Skill

I have been refining my understanding of these two concepts over the years. I have decided to put them in writing today as I’m reflecting on 2020 and all the things we have observed and lived. This post will serve… Continue Reading →

Pasta Deconstructed

Pasta is usually thought of as an unhealthy or non-diet friendly dish, isn’t it? In this brief post, I intend to analyze this comfort dish of mine. I’m going to look at one of my easy go-to recipes, which is… Continue Reading →

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