Hello to all my readers. Today I’m writing to share two major updates. Let’s start with the first one: If this post’s title didn’t give it away, it would be the last one I write on this site.

This might sound disappointing if you like reading what I publish here. I will try to address the rationale of my decision.

Since its very inception, this blog lacked personality. I sometimes wrote in Spanish, sometimes in English; I set it up to write in Portuguese but never did. It also covered an overwhelming spectrum of topics ranging from simple cooking recipes and techniques to dating experiments and dark existentialism. Largely driven by the places in life I was at the moment.

Over time, I realized that some of that writing was a way to self-heal my wounds and transit my grief. Nobody wanted to read that, so I kept doing it privately, but it took away the site’s theme. What was left is what excited me at the moment, and I kept writing. I hoped that eventually, the site would find its character, but it didn’t.

Another thing is that I found it very challenging to keep a steady stream of content to keep my readers happy and engaged. Blogging can be a full-time job, especially when you don’t have a theme. I also don’t feel this site promotes a community. It’s about me. More than once, I received candid feedback from my closest friends: “What are you trying to achieve here? It seems as if you were tooting your own horn.” “Who do you think you are to write with such a sense of authority and entitlement?” I also received the opposite feedback: “What you write is insightful, and it gets me thinking.”

While I hope the last one is the case for most, I have to admit that the first claims are also true. Under some perspective, what I’ve written is beyond me. The good news is that I believe I solved the problem: I will start another blog that’s not about me but about life and a community. That’s the second update.

During the pandemic, I had the chance to deepen my knowledge of business, behavior, morals, and many others. This knowledge allowed me to gain a different understanding of the content that’s available out there and the ways it’s used to influence consumer decisions. So I decided to start a blog that can provide reliable and honest information on several areas that relate to lifestyle and typically are targetted by marketers. I called it “La Grand(e) Vie.

This site now does not only have a personality and a mission, but also it is open to whoever would like to contribute. I’ve been reaching out to my fellow non-full-time bloggers who have similar challenges with their own personal blogs to join the project, but the invitation is open. I intend to go live with the site in April and offer at least one article per week. I already have a backlog that would take the site through 2021. I will be migrating some of the content that I wrote for this blog and improving it with newer insight and better grammar.

I don’t know what will be the future of juancavallotti.com, I might convert it back to a site that showcases my professional life, but I have not thought about exactly what.

This concludes the update I had. It’s been a pleasure sharing some stages of my life with y’all here, but everything must come to an end. Thank you very much for all your support throughout these years, and I hope you like my new project.